All of us at Lilly’s Light are proud and honored to announce our alliance with The Heart Gallery of America.

As you are reading this 500,000 American children are in foster care, and of those, 118,000 can never go home and go to bed at night knowing what their futures hold. Each year 19,000 of these kids “age out” of foster care and go into the world with no family.

Our television production family is dedicated to helping The Heart Gallery of America find permanent homes and “forever families” for each and every one of these children.

Sherry Hursey (Lilly) performed at the inaugural event of Heart Gallery Of America, co-ordinated and founded by Diane Granito, the originator of The Heart Gallery which, over the past six years has spread to nearly every state in the country and found permanent homes for thousands of foster children!

Sherry sang “Nothing Is Beyond Your Heart” from Lilly’s Light and performed as “Lilly” with a local cast of children at the live event in Santa Fe, NM.

For more information on The Heart Gallery of America go to or and find out now how you can help your child find his or her “forever family”!